About Pastor Terah

Terah Park is the Children's Pastor of KUMCSD/ALC. She is richly blessed with her roommate of 17 years, Rev. Jonathan Park, and has two wonderful children, Faith (12th) and Micah (9th). God has graciously given her the opportunities to teach, reach, and impact the young lives of our next generation for 29 years. She is honored to serve the younger generation and their families of our church as their Children's Pastor. She is also privileged to be serving the Abundant Life Community family with her husband. Terah graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA and is a certified candidate of the United Methodist Church and as God leads will be ordained within the next few years. She looks forward to the varied ministries of growth in all aspects of life and is excited to be here in San Diego to adhere steadfast to God's call. 

Personally, Terah enjoys playing games. She also likes to play sports but recently found she's more apt to live vicariously through the younger, faster, stronger brothers and sisters and have resorted to just watching them leap and bound with ease. Her hope is for God to answer her prayer of making her body match her 29 year old heart. Terah also enjoys eating (at all times), cooking (most of the time) and have been known to bake at 2 in the morning (sometimes). Though she embraces the various roles she takes on currently, it still is a challenge for her to take on so many and so her battle cry is "One day at a time..."