VBS 2019
June 24-28, M-F, 10AM - 2 PM
6701 Convoy CT San Diego, CA 921112

Hello parents,

I wanted to share with you some important information regarding Children's Ministry's school year 2016-17

 Please take note of the Sunday schedule for your kids for Large Group Worship (Chapel) and Small Group Worship times (Classtime).


ABUNDANT KIDS (AK) - 9:30-11am

9:30am - ALC sanctuary - joint praise time with parents, depart for class after children's moment.

10 - 10:15am - Chapel Time for kids ages 3 and up

10:15-11am - Class time by grade levels

Ages under 2 - Cry Room (attached to sanctuary) with parent (10am-11am)

Ages under 3 - Little Tots Class, Room B109 (10am-11am)

Ages 3-5: Room B107

Grades 1st to 5th Grade: CO-OP System. Enroll your kids to receive details regarding this special program.

Please pick up your kids either at the​​ classroom or chapel by 11am.


KINGDOM KIDS (KK) - 11:15am - 12:30pm

JR. Elementary - Ages 3 to Kindergarten

Drop off at following classrooms and sign child in with teacher.

Age 2, Little Tots classroom open to parents and kids in B109.

PreK Ages 3 - B105

PreK Ages 4/5 – B106

Kindergarten - B108

Please pick up at Chapel by the double doors at foyer (no longer the conference room door) Sign child out with teacher.

**Because we are using the Conference Room and Chapel for worship, please utilize the hallways and not the conference room and chapel for transition and travel. Thank you for your cooperation.

SR. Elementary - 1st - 5th Grades
Drop off at chapel by 11am.

Pick up children from class at following locations after service. With a completed waiver form, parents have the option of releasing your children Grades 3 - 5 out of class without parental presence. Waiver forms are attached to registration forms. All 2nd grades and younger need to be picked up by parent or guardian.

1st Grade - B101

2nd Grade - B103

3rd Grade - Conference Room

4th Grade - B205 (upstairs)

5th Grade - B207 (upstairs)


Please wait outside of class or outside of chapel until class is finished to pick up your children. Thank you for your cooperation.


PLEASE REGISTER YOUR CHILDREN WITH CHILDREN’S MINISTRY(CM)- The information from the registration forms are used to better serve you and your children.  CLICK ON LINK BELOW or request a hardcopy